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The Waffle Dog Magnum!!
Many of you Waffle Dog aficionados have or remember the Vintage Waffle Dog Iron made in the 1950's
manufactured by H&K Industries, Inc.  The smaller units sell from $60 to over $125.00 or more depending on the condition.
We redesigned the original iron and made it larger and deeper to accommodate today's larger hot dogs and anything else you want
to stuff inside!! Has openings on both ends for waffle Dogs on a stick!!
We have a limited quantity of these beautifully casted irons.
Manufactured with hi-quality, food grade, virgin aluminum. We made the handles slightly longer for increased safety.

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Waffleburger / Waffle Iron

Waffle Dog Iron / Waffleburger / Waffle Iron

Design Includes: 
Fine Grain Cast Iron
Commercial Quality
Spring Roll Pin Hinge
A Retaining Ring attached to an aircraft stainless steel wire rope.

​​$34.95 + Shipping

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A Waffleburger is a burger that is in the shape of a waffle. Developed by Michael Farinacci in the early 1970's. The waffling or cells of the waffleburger trap the condiments and keep them from squeezing out thereby enhancing the flavors of the burger.

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Belgian Waffle

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Did a test run for our Waffleburger Iron over an open fire!

This Waffle Iron weighs 8.5 lbs.  This can take and retain the heat!!