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Suggested Care Instructions

Waffleburger/Waffle  Iron

When Cooking Waffleburgers or Waffles for the first time we suggest that you spray or apply  a cooking release medium and then warm the iron to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit before adding meat and higher for waffle batters. This will help to keep the meat or batter from sticking the first time you use the iron. After making the first Waffleburger or Waffle the rest should come out easily but we recommend always giving it a little help with a cooking spray until you become confident with your recipe.

It is recommended you do not wash with soap for this will remove the seasoning.  We recommend you wash with hot water and use a soft brush for food that has stuckor burned.

If you need to re-season: Clean with a Quicky Brush, apply Crisco Solid (white) bake in oven at 350 to 375 deg. F for 2 hours. You may have your own method of seasoning that you prefer.

Never use wire brush unless you burned or carbonized the iron.

Rinse with hot water to clean and use a soft brush on stuck food.

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